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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions that our customers have around NaPa hair care products & online shopping of NaPa Products.

Aloe Vera mostly contains for our shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. Since these products are primarily water based, we can easily include it in our formulation. Similarly, since our serums are oil based, we use liquid form of Aloe Vera for our serums.

Absolutely. It is naturally derived and actually calms the scalp and skin.

Yes, absolutely. It is one of the best ingredients to use for dry and damaged hair. It restores moisture, provides nutrition and provides an effective barrier for further water loss.

No. Quite the opposite. Aloe Vera is speacially recommended to users for its calming effect on the skin and scalp. It helps reducing irritation and is very good for people with sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera essentially provides minerals for hair follicle nutrition, manages greasy hair and most importantly provides moisturization for dry hair and scalp.

Yes. Shampoos, irrespective of whether it has Aloe Vera or not, are not recommended daily, however serums can be used daily.

It is a high quality ingredient. Hence it makes the product slightly more costly. However, we believe in providing high quality natural yet effective products, at a price affordable by everyone. Hence we reduce our margins to bring you a high end product at an affordable price. We depend upon high sales volume to keep afloat. So buy more of our products! :)