Treating the scalp as an extension of your face, we used our knowledge of skincare to
include powerful actives in haircare products to build a strong foundation for healthy hair.
Think Healthy hair. Think NaPa.

What is skinification?

With more and more people recognizing how scalp care is literally at the root of hair care, NaPa connects the powerful ingredients of skincare to haircare. The idea is to give the skin on our head the same focus as our face. This in turn builds a strong foundation, promoting healthy hair. 

What is skinification?

Consider it a garden for your hair. Like nourishing soil fosters robust plant growth, our products not only combat bacteria and dirt but also enrich the scalp with vital vitamins. Healthy hair thrives when rooted in a nourished scalp!


Addressing the roots

Our showers used to be cluttered with traditional chemical-laden products, effective but concerning, or trendy natural options that fell short in effectiveness. It wasn't a sustainable solution. We aimed for something that worked without compromising hair health. That's when we targeted the real issue: the scalp.

Getting to the core

We applied skincare expertise to infuse potent actives into our hair care products. The richness of traditional Indian superfoods, brings a line of pure and powerful hair care. Say goodbye to compromise; say hello to effective, gentle indulgence for your locks.


With a clear mission to address your hair concerns, our formulations unite potent skincare actives with clarity-driven solutions. Experience the genuine care and efficacy that define our brand, as we bring a new dimension to hair care – one rooted in transparency, quality, and a promise of radiant results


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Biocompatible experience

Skincare actives that are easily absorbed by your skin

Boost of superfoods

Richness of superfoods for nourishment

Authentic in each drop

Transparency of ingredients